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Black Crystal Splashpanel

Black Crystal Splashpanel
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Splashpanel are waterproof PVC wall panels designed for use in bathrooms and wetrooms.

Each panel is 10mm thick and comes in 2400mm tall and 1000mm or 1200mm widths.

Splashpanel is completely non pourous and a more hygienic, quicker to install, cost effective alternative to tiling as there is no grout to clean!

For a range of colours available, please see below.


In order to complete the fitting of the Splashpanel, you will need the trims for between the panels. There are four trims available:





fitting guid


Fixing options
SplashPanel PVC Waterproof Panelling is fixed by adhering the panels to an appropriately sound, flat and plumb sub surface. If the sub surface is uneven then a timber batten frame system should be installed to give a suitable sub surface to adhere to.


Care & maintenance
SplashPanel PVC Waterproof Panelling is more hygienic and easier to maintain than tiles. The non-porous surface provides excellent protection against bacteria and stains. SplashPanel PVC anti-bacterial cleaner kills germs and keeps hard surfaces clean without scratching.

Abrasive cleaners and bleaches MUST NOT be used on SplashPanel PVC Panelling.


Fire Rating
Fire Rating tested to BS EN 13501-1:2007 achieving an F.R classification of C, s3, d0


SplashPanel PVC Waterproof Panelling has a 5 year residential / domestic use warranty against manufacturing defects. Installation of your SplashPanel PVC Waterproof Panelling must be as per the instructions supplied, as incorrect installation will void the warranty.



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